SEAI Boiler Grant

SEAI Boiler Grant 

As of February 2020, SEAI have changed the criteria for the home heating grant.

Your home MUST require 6 out of 8 of the following criteria.

•zoned piping layout for seperate hot water.

Thermostat controlling Space Heating and wiring

•zoned piping layout for upstairs/downstairs

•boiler interlock arrangement

•thermostatic control of second space heating or TRV’S on rads

•24 hour/7 day Programmer with 2 channels

•cylinder thermostat and wiring

•immersion timer

To see if your home requires the minimum of 6, please forward pictures of your hot press, timers and existing boiler to or what’s app 0892561881.


Do you want to apply for an SEAI boiler grant? First of all applicants must be the home owner and the home must have been built before 2006.

The SEAI grant provides a €700 grant for heating controls. Furthermore you must have a BER done for the application, as a result there is a €50 grant towards this.

SEAI boiler grants
Click LOGO for instant SEAI approval, all you need is your MPRN number( found on any electricity bill) and General Gas ID 16888


Your existing heating system will go from a single channel controlled timer, to a super efficient dual channel time and temperature control of both your rads and Hot Water.

In addition the SEAI boiler grant also provides thermostats for some of your existing rads and an immersion timer.

The Benefits of a home heating grant

Installing Heating Controls to your home heating system should reduce your energy usage by up to 20%.
Gas systems without heating controls can be wasteful of energy and costly to run because there is hardly any control of the amount of heat being used to heat your home and your hot water.

Upgrading heating controls can help you to match your radiator and hot water schedules , so when heat and hot water are required, it is there; and when it is not required, it is turned off.

As a minimum, your heating systems should be split into two independently controlled zones. They are your ‘Radiator Heating Zone’ and your ‘ Hot Water Zone’. This allows you to
heat your hot water without having to turn on your radiators.

Additionally it will also allow you to use your gas boiler
to heat your hot water in the summer time, without using the immersion. Additional zones can also be put in place in large homes to split upstairs and downstairs or living areas and

The SEAI boiler grant will help you improve your home heating system through the installation of heating controls.

Quick Guide to SEAI boiler grant controls

A TRV is a thermostat that regulates the amount of heat going into a radiator according to the temperature in the room.
You can set a  temperature usually numbered 1-5 for the desired room. Then as the room heats up to the set number, the valve will close.
TRV’s are useful in rooms such as bedrooms that require lower temperatures than  the main living area.

A 7-Day programmable timer will allow you to set your heating system to match on a daily and weekly schedule. The independent use of radiators and hot water will allow you to set each zone to operate for required periods only. For
example: you can set your boiler to switch on during summer months to heat water for showers without turning on the radiators.

Boiler interlock  is the wiring procedure used so your boiler only operates when required, it’s a design that ensures the wasteful burning of gas is avoided as the boiler will not operate once the set temperature on the room thermostat has been met.

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