Power flush/Magnetic filter

Power Flushing

worcester bosch filter
A worcester bosch filter. When added to your new gas boiler, the 7 year warranty is extended to 10 years.

Power flushing is an essential part of replacing your gas boiler. Gas central heating systems, over time, develop a sludgy build up if not treated correctly from day one.

This build up is an accumulation of iron oxide, that has formed as a result of the various metals dissolving in your central heating system.

System flushing using a “mag na clean” machine (basically two large magnets attached to the Gas boiler) has proved to be an effective way of combating blocked systems. After all, the deposits are metal and attract to the large magnets in the machine.

General Gas, unlike most of our competitors, ALWAYS fully flush and condition any systems were a new boiler is installed.

Mag na clean machine filter process

The process usually takes an added half day to the overall installation, however it will add years to the expected life span and satisfactory operation of your Central Heating system.

Power flushing Machine

Kamco powerflush machine
Kamco powerflush machine

When central systems are badly blocked a high velocity power flushing machine is used with a more powerful cleaning agent.

The process involves adding a cleaning agent to loosen up the corrosion. This agent is left in the rads for up to a week, after which the machine is deployed to remove the deposits and totally flush all the rads.