Hot Press Tank

Hot Water Cylinder replacement

Replace your old tank with a new stainless steel one. Price is inclusive of VAT and includes supply and install of a new immersion. Price quoted is for 30*18, 36*15 & 36*18 models.
  • Included in this offer
  • Disconnection and safe removal of your old cylinder.
  • Installation of your new cylinder.
  • New valves & auto air vents where required
  • FREE supply and install of new immersion.
  • Larger models prices-
  • 42*18 =+€150
  • 46*18=+€200

A hot water cylinder replacement with a fast recovery stainless steel insulated cylinder can provide a full tank of hot water in as little as 20 minutes.

In conjunction with a two zone SEAI gas boiler grant,you can control the temperature of the hot water supplying your taps.

Using your new Hot water cylinder replacement during the summer months

Is it cheaper to heat my home with gas or electricity?

We get asked this question on a regular basis – and on the face of it, it has a very simple answer.

To buy one unit of mains gas (measured in kWh) you will pay about 5 cents / kWh. Conversely, one unit of electricity from the mains (also measure in kWh) will cost you about 17 cents/kWh. This means that gas is about 3-4 times cheaper than electricity per kWh.

Therefore it makes sense to use your gas boiler to heat water via a hot water cylinder.


Gas boiler replacement Dublin, Meath, Kildare
Cylinder coil corroded due to hard water damage

Hard water over time can have a negative effect on how efficient your water cylinder performs.

Unlike the treated water in your rads, fresh water is constantly passing through the cylinder and because it’s heated up it acts in the same way a kettle would and attracts the lime in the hard water.

Gas boiler replacement Dublin, Meath, Kildare
Stainless steel cylinders are less reactive to corrosion than copper cylinders.

Because of the nature of stainless steel, it doesn’t react in the same way copper does and this makes it an ideal replacement. As a result your new cylinder will heat up quicker meaning less gas usage.

* for tight hot presses with less room.