Gas safety certificate & Gas Boiler service certificate

Gas safety certificate

Gas Certificate for landlords (ANNEX E Safety inspections/gas safety certificate), apply to new homeowners requiring a gas connection and some landlords also require one in rental properties.

Our engineers carry out a test to ascertain the soundness of the gas supply and make sure all gas appliances conform to regulations.

General Gas charge €130 for a full inspection with a DECLARATION OF CONFORMANCE on completion.

Before contacting, it’s helpful to have the Gas Boiler MAKE & MODEL.

Also if there is any other gas appliances like gas fires or gas cooker/hobs We would need to know.

Gas Boiler Service/ Gas boiler breakdown

The standards for Rented Houses state that all Gas Boilers should be serviced annually. A boiler service is the best way to ensure it works safely and efficiently. It guards against increased heating costs and reduces the possibility of a gas boiler breakdown. Landlords have a responsibility under Statutory Instrument SI.534 of 2008 Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2008 to ensure that the gas installation in the house or apartment shall be maintained in good repair and safe working order and provide a special gas certificate for landlords. The Technical Guidance Document in relation to this Regulation states that a current Declaration of Conformance certificate for an IS.813 Annex E inspection issued by a Registered Gas Installer for the gas installation in the house or apartment will prove compliance with the regulations.

A Boiler Service cost is €130,inclusive of a DECLARATION OF CONFORMANCE. Before contacting, it’s helpful to have the Gas Boiler MAKE & MODEL

In the event of a boiler breakdown a service is not the correct course of action. Instead the correct approach is to determine what the issue is and the most practical measures to take, to resolve the issue.

A situation can arise where the boiler is beyond repair as parts no longer exist or it simply becomes to expensive. That’s when it’s advisable to install a new boiler with a a warranty and service plan.

However, if your boiler is modern and relatively new, it may need parts replaced to bring it back to operation.