Gas Boiler Replacement

Gas Boiler replacement made simple

We’ll arrange your Gas boiler replacement or Gas appliance upgrade, and with a Gas boiler annual service plan you’ll always have Gas assistance.

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We can even give you a gas boiler replacement quote before calling to your home.

The following information is useful, so We can give you an accurate quotation for any appliance replacement.
-Do you want the Gas boiler to be relocated? OR is the Gas boiler ok where it is?
-Have you any other appliances fire, cooker or tumble dryer?
-DRAIN Is there a drain near the Gas boiler position ie;wash machine,sink,toilet?
-Do you have separate hot water on your Gas central heating system  eg; a valve which turns off your radiators during hot weather, providing hot water only? And does it work?
-How big is your home,2/3/4 bed? house or apartment? attic conversion?
– Is your Gas heating system working OR do some radiators not heat as well as others? Is there insufficient hot water?
All new gas boilers are A rated appliances up to 92+% efficient

HIVE heating thermostat

Hive heating thermostat
Hive heating thermostat

Existing general gas customers are coming back to a nice warm house, with the hive heating thermostat. Hive Heating allows you to control your heating from your smartphone with a stylishly designed thermostat. And with the aid of an SEAI heating grant you can control your hot water tank too.


If it seems like your radiators have cold spots, they probably need to be flushed.

In addition to a boiler replacement, a system flush can help with efficiency and as a result you save money.

First of all a magnetic filter machine is temporarily placed close to the gas boiler. Because the sludgy deposits are metal, as they pass through the filter they attract to the magnets. Therefore protecting the  boiler.

On completion the machine is removed and in addition a small filter can be placed on the boiler for added protection.