Gas Boiler installer Accreditation

Is your Gas boiler installed by an accredited installer?

I recently installed a gas boiler, and a few days later I had an interesting conversation with the customers son.

On completion I normally register the boiler with the manufacturer, and I used the sons email as the lady was elderly and didn’t have one.

He rang me to thank me, and was delighted that he had received an email from BOSCH.

This indicated  that I had installed the boiler, and also when the warranty was due to expire.

He went on to explain that he never received a similar email with his own boiler, also a BOSCH model, installed 2 years previous by a different contractor.

Is your Gas Boiler even registered?

What happened here, sadly, is common practice with gas boiler replacements.

Because I’m an accredited installer for BOSCH I was able to offer extended cover on the new boiler, 10 years as opposed to 5 by a non-accredited.

This is the reason I have to register the installation details.

BOSCH need to know it was installed by me, and in turn, I log into a secure portal and input all the relevant details.

Unfortunately in the example here, the installer left the registration in the hands of the customer.

This installer clearly failed to explain the importance of completing this.

The end result is a customer with NO warranty.

This is an actual warranty registration from BOSCH. It keeps details of installation date , address and when the guarantee ends. One of these is emailed to every customer I install a boiler for.

How do I know my Boiler was registered?

All Gas installers must be RGII registered, this ensures that the installer is fully trained and insured.

This is all that’s required to install a gas boiler.

However, been accredited with a major player like BOSCH requires much more than this.

Reputation means everything to these large companies, and they are only interested in having their product installed by reliable professionals.

It took me years to get accreditation, which explains why so many boilers are installed by non-accredited gas installers.

It requires a lot of extra leg work and training to become accredited, most installers simply can’t be bothered.

Personally I think it’s essential, after all what customer doesn’t want extended warranty?


All accredited installers will have a listing on the manufacturers website. Click on logo for the General Gas BOSCH listing
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