Helpfull Pictures

Pictures below are a guide to help you identify WHAT we need to see.

Simply whats app pictures, like those below, to 0892561881 or email

After viewing the pictures, we can send you a quotation for the boiler up grade.

A picture of the existing boiler helps us identify the boiler brand, this gives us an idea of the space available for the new boiler.
A wide shot picture is very helpful, this picture clearly shows us the location in the kitchen and the available space around the boiler.
The picture here shows us the exhaust flue and how close the boiler will be to an existing drain for the new condense pipe.
The Hot press is the heart of the heating system and is extremely helpful in understanding your existing controls.
Directly under the boiler or above in some cases, is where the gas and water pipes connect to the boiler, it’s great to get an idea of the work involved in replacing the boiler.