Gas Boiler, Special offer

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We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Boiler Guard, bringing our customers an unparalleled offer: a 17-year warranty on Bosch gas boilers when you subscribe to Boiler Guard.

This exclusive deal is designed to give you peace of mind and exceptional value. Plus, get your first-year subscription to Boiler Guard absolutely free with any Bosch boiler installation by General Gas. Discover why thousands trust General for their heating solutions.

*Price quoted is for a direct replacement of the old gas boiler & is inclusive of VAT & installation**17 year warranty is subject to a Boiler Guard subscription

Boiler & filter installed price = €2450

  • Included in this offer-
  • FREE FIRST YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO BOILERGUARD PLUS, starting your 17 year warranty
  • Installation of new boiler & new exhaust flue.
  • Installation of FREE magnetic filter.
  • FREE 10 year manufacturers warranty from BOSCH.
  • FREE magnetic flush and cleanse.
  • New filling valves and auto air release valves.
  • Anti corrosion inhibitor additive.
  • Price quoted is for a 18 kw output, perfect for a small 2/3 bedroom home. Larger size boilers and extras are as follows-
  • 21kw= +€150
  • 24kw= +€200
  • 30kw= +€250
  • HIVE remote access timer= +180
  • Standard Digital Timer= +€50


Click here for full boilerguard T&Cs and FAQ

Boiler Guard is all about keeping your gas boilers in top shape, whether they’re brand new or have been around for a while.

We’ve got service contracts to fit any budget, but what really sets us apart is our focus on long-term warranties and quick responses to emergencies. With Boiler Guard, you can relax knowing that your boiler is well taken care of, with maintenance plans tailored just for you.

Do BOILER GUARD only cover BOSCH boilers?

Yes, Boiler Guard only covers Bosch boilers. The reason for this is because Boiler Guard is comprised of accredited Bosch service agents who are trained directly by Bosch. Bosch, as a manufacturer, prefers specialist servicing on their boilers under warranty to ensure that the warranty remains intact.

Therefore, the expertise and training provided by Bosch to Boiler Guard agents specifically cater to the maintenance and care of Bosch boilers, aligning with the manufacturer’s standards and requirements for warranty coverage.

Why Choose Boiler Guard Over Manufacturer’s Warranty?

On completion of your boiler install, you will have a manufacturers Guarantee, which is subject to an annual service.

However our boiler plans go way beyond this and remember, as a BOSCH service partner, BOILER GUARD plans are fully backed and accredited with BOSCH.

**Extended 17-Year Guarantee:**
Boiler Guard stands out from the rest with our extended 17-year guarantee, far surpassing the maximum 10 years offered by manufacturers. This extended period not only offers peace of mind but also significantly increases the value you receive from your heating system over time.

**Mandatory Annual Service:**
To maintain a manufacturer’s warranty, you’re required to have an annual gas boiler service, which can cost upwards of €150. By choosing either Boiler Guard or Boiler Guard Plus, you not only fulfill this requirement but also gain additional benefits, making the slight extra cost a wise investment in your home’s comfort and safety.

**Included Industry-Leading Boiler Service:**
Both our service plans include the full annual gas boiler service, valued at €150, as a standard feature. As a Worcester Bosch service partner, our service is fully accredited and backed by the manufacturer, ensuring your boiler operates at peak efficiency and safety.

**24/7 Priority Breakdown Service:**
Our priority breakdown service ensures that you’re not left in the cold during peak winter months—a common time when manufacturers may be overwhelmed and response times can stretch into weeks. Boiler Guard aims to have your heating system up and running in less than 24 hours, significantly reducing stress and discomfort.

**Comprehensive Coverage Beyond Warranty:**
Both Boiler Guard plans offer benefits well beyond a standard manufacturer’s warranty, including safety checks, emergency plumbing repairs, heating controls cover, and even a full power flush for Boiler Guard Plus subscribers. These additions ensure that your heating system is not only protected but also maintained to the highest standards.

**Seamless and Efficient Service:**
In the event of a breakdown, our technicians are fully stocked with Bosch gas boiler parts, eliminating delays in sourcing parts and ensuring a quicker return to comfort. This efficiency is something you won’t typically find with manufacturer warranties, where parts availability can be a significant bottleneck.

**Cost-Effective Peace of Mind:**
When you consider the annual cost of a standalone boiler service, the extended warranty period, and the potential wait times and additional expenses avoided, both Boiler Guard plans represent an excellent value and a smart investment in your home’s heating system.

Choosing Boiler Guard means choosing unparalleled service, extended protection, and the assurance that your home’s warmth and safety are in professional hands year-round.

On completion of your boiler install, you will receive a printed passport booklet. This acts as a record keep for your servicing and maintenance.